Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Registering for gifts...a fun yet tiring task. Fiance and I are having an engagement party in my home town in December, so my mother has been pestering me to register. Last Saturday we trekked it to Macy's to start the process.

The Macy's we went to was at Pentagon City Mall, I recommend making a reservation before going. Although the lady was very nice we had to wait an hour and a half until she was free. This gave us PLENTY of time to browse.

We decided on a Kate Spade china pattern; to be honest I have always loved Kate Spade, We decided on the Cypress Point Dinnerware Collection.

^ I love the simplicity and the elegance, yet if you look closely there is a pattern on the outer rim that makes it unique.

For Stemware, we knew we wanted Waterford since it is what both our parents have and we both grew up with it, however we knew we wanted a style of our own. We decided on Giselle

We made many other choices, but I don't want to bore you, however you should know that Macy's has some really great deals for wedding registries. An example of one is if people purchase 10 of your china settings you will get a free serving bowl in Your pattern FREE. There are other great deals too, so I recommend checking it out!


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