Monday, October 22, 2007

So I don't mean to be a copy cat, but....

Meow! I saw this post on Weddingbee a few days ago and, given my recent journey into the world of wedding photography, I had to find out more.

So like Ms. Tulip, also a DC bride, says, Punam Bean is amazing. Now, you can see from the photos that she is everything a girl could dream of in a photographer.

AND, as I was happy to tell her on the phone this evening, it's unbelievable that for an artist whose results are of such a high caliber, she charges a starting fee of only $2000. I've seen less amazing work for 6 G's, and I'm sure once she continues to gain notoriety, she will deservedly be able to charge much more. And for fun, she throws in a free engagement photo session, a DVD of all your photos and a few other little perks that make her even more enticing.

Punam is based in New York but will travel to DC for around $300, which again, is extremely economical. Her style is fresh and romantic. But what's best about her, ladies, is that she doesn't just offer incredible results, she provides an incredible process. She conveyed tons of flexibility in scheduling and a real inquisitiveness about who we are. Even just in an informational phone conversation you can immediately tell that she's knowledgeable, easy to work with and very focused on finding the right balance of your style and hers, which I love. Because what drew me to Punam is her style, so I would feel completely comfortable letting her dictate what the best photographic translation for our wedding would be.

I'm really excited to move forward with getting to know her and hopefully bringing my photographer search to a beautiful close.!


Blogger Andrea said...

I saw that post too!!! Punam's work is definitely amazing and she is truly gifted. I've been doing weddings for years myself and I can tell you that her eye for composition and balance of colors is very rare and definitely something special! If we hadn't already chosen our wedding photographers (Balance Weddings/Balance Photography) I would definitely look into Punam myself. :)

Monday, October 22, 2007 6:15:00 PM  

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