Monday, October 01, 2007

Wedding Favors...

So the future in-laws and my parents met for the first time this weekend! It went really well, we all had a great time! Everyone got to look at the galleria, and see where we are having the wedding. I am in the process of looking at caterers and a potential caterer called us on Saturday, and let us know they were hosting an wedding at the galleria on sat night if we wanted to see what it looked liked set up for a wedding. Of course the mothers and I jumped at this opportunity, and it was great to finally see what it would look like, up close and personal, set up for a wedding, it gave me chills!

However, being there as an observer I was also observing the favors, table set up, color scheme, everything! It got me thinking of favors and Little touches we can add to our special day to make it "ours". One website I stumbled across was
Wedding Favorites.

^ Monogrammed truffles, classy and edible!

^ Cake cookies, personalized, edible and you can even make them in your wedding colors!

^ I believe we have discussed on here, a favor being a couples favorite songs on a CD, this is a precious way to distribute them!

In general this website has a ton of fun stuff, its fun to just look around and see what you uncover!


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