Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello, I'm so boring now.

I just got an email from my maid of honor "crew" (yes - I am having 4 MoHs because they all deserve and have more than earned the title!!!) asking me what I wanted to do for my bridal shower and my bachelorette party.

This is a crazy thing to me that wasn't even on my radar to begin with. Why? Because long gone are the days of clubbing and "going out" and all that crazy jazz like that for me. I'm just... not really interested? If that makes any kind of sense.

For starters, I've never even been even CLOSE to a "hostess with the mostess" type. Even in my college years, I have never ONCE hosted a party. I have participated in parties for others but I have never orchestrated any event for more than maybe one other person other than myself. Seriously! Everything I've ever put together of a social nature has been something incredibly low key and just me and the other person.

Luckily, my MoH crew is very respectful of me and my lifestyle choices and I feel confident that they will honor my requests that whatever is chosen won't be some drunken bar crawl (of sorts) where I'm forced to wear any kind of costume-like gear or carry any kind of "prop" that resembles the male genitalia.

Does this make me boring? *shrug* Well, then, so be it... I guess I am.


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