Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My kind of "glass slipper" - Part two

Converse have come such a long way since my days of being stuck with only high tops in the neutral shade!!! Some people have expressed distaste/disapproval up my choice to wear them but I think that they will be a lovely little surprise underneath my rather tradtional dress. And as a wedding photographer myself, I can tell you that they will help make for some lovely and memorable pictures. My photographers were THRILLED when they heard that I was doing this instead of something more traditional. Why by super classy when you can be super sassy??? One can never have enough sass! And don't even get me started on my inability to wear anything but "sensible shoes" these days. I have no idea how I wore stilettos for as long as I did in my younger years.

Anyway, it's come down to these last two pair. They are both completely different in style but I could see both working for me and my dress. The first pair was found on Zappos and the second on Ebay.

Now, I just LOVE these!!! In a crazy way, Converse has put a sweet little spin on their design that almost could make these look "dressy." They are the lace-less/slip-on kind but I would actually take some satin off-white ribbons to tie them up anyway. The stitching that they've used to detail them is just amazing! And, of course, as it goes - you pay for it!!! These babies are about $100!!!!! *raises eyebrow* Uhmm... I like them. But I don't know that I could justify paying that much money for Converse no matter how pretty they are.

Then there's these...

Not to kill the anticipation or anything, but I'm probably going for these. I found them on ebay and they will be somewhere around $40 with shipping/handling. But aside even from the price, I really love them. Why? Follow me...

  1. They are elephant themed. I have a secret thing for elephants. The only thing I can say about it is that I love them because they have incredible memories that are proven even by Science! Elephants mean a lot to me so to "wear" them on my feet on one of the biggest and most memorable days of my life? It's a big deal.
  2. The color combination is bright and happy!!! I liked the sheep ones but there's something about these that seem a little cheerier to me. And the brightness would work a lot better overall for the Spring wedding that we are having. Also - look at the additional laces they come with! Not sure that I would change them out but you gotta love the option of pink laces. Seriously!
  3. They remind me of something that I totally would have worn when I was six. Six was a very special age to me. It was also a time when I wore little pink satin Roos. These would have been my other sneakers that I would have worn on the days I didn't wear my Roos.

I have not placed my order yet but they are "buy-it-now" from a seller with a well established ebay store and I will likely take care of getting these within the next few weeks.

I'm still not a "shoe girl" by a long shot but I can tell you that I have really enjoyed looking at and choosing these. Have fun finding Your "glass slippers"!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the first pair is adorable but almost too fancy. If you're going to go for tennis shoes, I say go all the way. The second pair has waaay more personality and SASS. And 40 bucks? Snap 'em up.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 11:16:00 AM  

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