Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The verdict is in

"But the veil would look so much prettier with your hair up!" "I'uhm wearin' mah hair down 'cuz Jackson likes mah hair down!"

- Steel Magnolias

Hair debates finally ended last night for me. A couple of days ago I mentioned my recent indecision about what to do with my hair (so I can start looking for a stylist and do tests) and so I asked husband2Be what he prefers. "It really doesn't matter. You look beautiful however your hair is!!!" Won't he be just a terrific husband??? He's awesome! But in this case, opinions that feed my ego just don't cut it. I need to make some kind of a decision.

After some conversation he did end up picking an updo over leaving it all down. He knows little about my dress other than that it's very formal such that he can pull off a tux with tails! For this reason, he's said that it makes more sense for me to wear my hair up.

Makes sense.

So last night I holed up in our bedroom for the fifth time in probably the last two weeks to try on my veil with my hair down and then up.

I was happy with my hair down and the veil on. Definitely I would need some teasing at the crown and a really good blowout but it could work nicely. And I felt like my hair down framed my face a little nicer than when I have it up and it looks big.

Then I sort of pulled my hair back and piled it up. And I felt like it actually looked better. And considering the fact that my dress is strapless and has a sweetheart neckline and my veil is so full anyway (it actually has four layers if you include the blusher), the way it will come down around my face will frame my face similarly to the way my hair does when it's down.

Verdict: My hair will be up in some "classic and timeless" probably French twist-ish style.

One more thing down, and (what seems like) a million more still to go! *phew* Next up? Engagement pictures... I think.


Blogger Mrs. NearlyWed said...

Great Job. I Love this post. I get a real kick out of seeing you guys... Sort of:)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 11:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a friend of a friend, and really enjoy reading:) I just HAD to comment and tell you I agree with your decision...it looks fantastic in the picture, so I'm sure it'll look stunning on your wedding day with all your gear on!

Saturday, November 24, 2007 3:13:00 AM  

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