Sunday, November 25, 2007

Looks can be deceiving

As far as I know, cameras don't lie...

About an hour ago I did my (just about) weekly squeeze into my wedding gown. I do this actually not because I enjoy so trying on my dress but more so I can gauge my weight/size. I used to be the type of gal who could eat whatever I wanted without gaining an ounce but in the past couple of years I've lost the "girlish" figure I've always been known for and developed a shape a little more swervy and curvy. Honestly, I can't complain because I've always wished to be fuller figure than what my body seemed to allow me to be. And so it's worked out that way.

This past Thanksgiving meant two big meals for me - because that's what husband2Be's family does. The amazing thing is I'm not even a desserts kind of gal and so all I ate was just the main course stuff! But when you do that twice, well, it can get outright painful!!! I'm serious! After the second night of feasting, husband2Be and I laid down to sleep and were actually so full that we could barely breathe and get comfortable. It was not a restful night of sleep.

Anyway, today we're back home and my body is STILL recovering from being so ridiculously stuffed. Now, some people say that they don't expect to eat at their weddings but I am the opposite because we happen to be having a major feast planned of our very favorite foods ever for our reception. Granted I won't be stuffing my face but I do plan on enjoying the food! So this is why I've made it regular practice to try on my dress with a full stomach.

The crazy thing is that for as much as I thought I would be uncomfortable in/with my dress, it's actually still quite comfy. And however it's happened, the five or so pounds that I've managed to gain over the past month or so has made me more of an hour glass figure than going to the places that would make me look more like a pretty and lacy human sausage! There IS a God!!!

The right picture above is one I took in a mirror in my bedroom just a bit ago and the left is one my dad took months ago when my dress first came in the mail. The difference in how I look in the picture could be attributed to a myriad of reasons - angle of the mirror, him using a wide angle lens instead. Whatever the case, I recommend you try on your dress on a regular basis if you are one who is gaining or losing weight. Scales can tell you one thing but the cut/fit of clothing can tell you something completely different.


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