Thursday, November 01, 2007

Simply Vera...

I Love Vera Wang...ever since I was a young girl, I wanted a Vera Wang wedding dress. The look, the styles, I just LOVED them. I remember asking my father when I was about 20 if he would buy me a Vera Wang wedding dress, he said "sure sweetie" having NO idea what he was committing too.

Upon getting engaged, I have kept the idea of Vera in my head, but I knew I wasn't going to look just for Vera. I ended up finding a dress I loved (as I posted about earlier) and I plan to go dress shopping this weekend while home in NY, but the thought of Vera has still been there.

Then Yesterday while checking the Vera Wang website ( a girl can look right? :) I got the news I had been hoping for They Announced the semi-annual BRIDAL SAMPLE SALE!

I called my mother up instantly and we already have our hotel room booked :) I feel its a rite of passage of sorts...and I am so excited!

The sample sale is Saturday, December 15th 2007 from 8-5pm and the New Yorker Hotel in NYC. DC is not that far from NYC ( about a 4 hour train ride, 5 hour drive...there are buses that leave every day from Chinatown, Roslyn and Bethesda. Vamoose Bus is one I recommend, it leaves from Roslyn and Bethesda, you can purchase tickets ahead of time and its only $25 each way!

This is close enough to Christmas time, you can make a weekend of it, do some Christmas shopping, see the city, and Perhaps find your dream Vera Wang dress up to 75% off!


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