Thursday, January 31, 2008

Becoming the mother that I actually am

When I originally went looking for wedding dresses I was actually looking for a dress that was long sleeves and went clear up to my neck. Why? Because I've shot a lot of Jewish Orthodox weddings and that's how they do it and I've seen some really gorgeous dresses even with such full coverage styling.

Despite my initial hopes to find such modest coverage though, I ended up going with something that is strapless. It's a very far cry from what I was going for but after having a terrible time finding a full coverage dress and trying on so many strapless styles, I couldn't not admit that strapless was the most flattering for me - pregnant and/or not! The first dress that I got was strapless and the second one that I was able to exchange the first one for is also strapless.

I'm certain that I've picked a wonderful and beautiful dress to wear. I do have a concern though - initially, when the wedding was at the end of April, having a strapless dress was no big deal! However, now that it's in a week during a time of February that I've always known to be notorious for incredibly frigid temperatures and snow and ice - strapless doesn't seem quite like the best idea and how nice would it have been to have found something that completely covered all of me.

The one thing that I can't stop thinking about is how I absolutely cannot be leaving the house without a COAT!!! That fact that I just got over a nasty cold - and this isn't fun because when you're pregnant you can't take anything for it - certainly adds to my neuroses of keeping all of myself covered but overall - I don't know - I just feel like this whole strapless and NO COAT business is ridiculous and what am I crazy or something???

My mother has thought the same thing and, when I was getting my 2nd fitting for my dress, INSISTED that I get something to at least cover my shoulders. In a moment of impulse we found something to do just that: a white faux fur stole! (picture and link courtesy of DavidsBridal.com)

The picture has a way of making it look a lot cheesier than it actually is in real-life but would you believe that that sucker cost about $79!!!! Uhhhh... Yeah. Seriously. It did. I didn't pay for it though so I'm not saying anything more about it other than the fact that for that much money it still doesn't cover that much. But it does look like a "Classic Winter Bride" -type accessory, eh?

Even after the fur stole was purchased, I've still been quite concerned about being better covered. So this evening I stopped by Target to pick up my "anti-nausea-and-morning-sickness" meds and lo and behold in the Liz Lange Maternity section I found THE THING that I have been looking for!!! (photo and link courtesy of Target.com)

It's not white probably like I should have and the black (the coat) and white (my dress) combination might end up making me look like a pregnant penguin or something but at this point, beggars can't be choosers! Also, it's a really cute coat that I will be able to wear AFTER the wedding too!!! To be fair though there is some white on the coat - like the piping and the little swiss dot design of the fabric so it won't look too crazy/ridiculous. The price was also very right at only $39.99. :) (Liz Lange Maternity for Target RULES!!!!)

And there's my big accomplishment for today - at least. Slowly but surely and GOD-willing, this wedding WILL happen.

Tomorrow's big mission? We will be getting our marriage license. Hopefully, there will be no snafus with that!


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