Monday, January 28, 2008

Calgon - take me away (no, seriously - take me AWAY!!!)

In my case, though, it's Aveeno bath.

Anyway, I'm sorry for this double posting again. :-/ This time *I PROMISE* this is for very much for YOU!!!

+++Disclaimer: I'm not getting any kind of kickbacks for plugging this product.
It's just something that I've found to be wonderful in the midst of my wedding planning.+++

Question - What do YOU do to relieve your wedding planning stress? I, personally, take long steamy baths and read books (while taking baths).

I used to read wedding planning guides and more recently I moved onto pregnancy and baby planning books. Just tonight though, I kicked it back with a book that I shelved a few months ago - a book called Altared.

Now, let me just say that I'm a VERY picky reader. I will absolutely not read just anything. I will, in fact, read books that I love over and over again if there happens to be nothing new that I can find to read. It takes a LOT for me to like a book. But Altared? Is an AWESOME book!!!!

Unlike what has now become the "norm" of chick-lit fodder, this book about all-things-weddings that come with them is not a fictional "no-brain" read. It's a collection of prose and essays from some very noteworthy authors (Curtis Sittenfeld of the book Prep ring a bell?) that provides a very realistic and sometimes cheeky look at the whole wedding world. Rather than being ditzy - which it totally could be, it's a really "smart" book. And on top of that, you read it and can feel better about some of the drama that you might find yourself in with your own wedding drama. (At least that's how it works for me.)

I happened to pick up this book in the midst of buying wedding planning guides and it is truly one of the best buys that I have made of all of the books that I have purchased. Nothing beats a steamy bath and paging through a few of the selections of the book (it is in a form that doesn't require cover-to-cover reading) to make me feel like all of the things that might be happening at any given time are no biggie in the long run.

If you're looking for wedding (but not really) books to read to help you to "escape" from all of the drama but still provide lots of good advice and ideas read this! I highly recommend this book! It's completely awesome... *see?*

LOVES it. Obviously!


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