Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Love. Life. And Free Photography!

One of the many photography blogs I keep in my Google Reader is the blog for Love Life Images. Love Life is actually a group of 3 very talented photographers - Mary C. Gardella, Jennifer Domenick, and Stephen Bobb.

Well I'm excited to announce that they will be giving away a day of free photography to one really lucky 2008 bride! What will that include? 2 photographers, 8 hours of coverage, an engagement shoot, a snapshot studio at the wedding, online hosting, and proofs! This is literally worth THOUSANDS. These are experienced pros, not startup photographers.

What's the catch? Nothing---all they ask if for a little creativity from you. They want to see a photo of the "love of your life." And no I'm not talking about your prom pics...they want a picture that tells a story. They want to see how you see your love through the lens of a camera and to hear a little bit about why this person (or thing??) is the love of your life.

For all the rules and regulations check out their blog. The deadline is Valentine's day so get to snapping. They will pick finalists and then we can vote on who wins! Exciting....

^Image credited to Jennifer Domenick of Love Life Images

^Image Credited to Jennifer Domenick of Love Life Images

^Image credited to Mary C. Gardella of Love Life Images

^Image credited to Stephen Bobb of Love Life Images
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