Friday, January 11, 2008

It's the final countdown!

Not sure where everyone else with their planning and their prospective dates but as of today I'm officially 29 days away from being married away! *YIKES!* Actually things are coming together quite well. Despite all of the recent snafus, it's like all of my prayers are being answered.

We've become quite the shipping and receiving hub for wedding things and it's pretty exciting to constantly have a package that is waiting. Granted, we know what everything is since we ordered all of them but still - I've always fancied getting things in the mail.

Our most recent shipment was from AsianIdeas.com with (almost) all of the makings for the guest favors. Despite my best efforts to rally for the guest favors to be charitable donations, my mother is insistent that we do something more expected in the way of a tangible gift. Originally we were going to do personal sized bamboo steamer baskets with gourmet chocolate fortune cookies but the order time on the cookies might be too much to wait for the time we have left to the wedding, so it's been decided that the guests will be receiving the following:

The boxes are the tiniest size that you can get in a restaurant that usually holds a little bit of rice. My mother wanted to do personalized chopsticks (ex. "Sticking together with love!" or something else lame like that) *rolls eyes* but it was honestly too expensive so I just went with the prettiest design that I liked. The takeout boxes will be filled with Hershey's hugs and kisses *hugs and kisses... awwwww!*. Husband2be doesn't really think that a little note should be attached and thinks they are fine as is but I feel like there needs to be a ribbon of some sort anchoring the sticks to the boxes somehow and a tag that says something to the guests of thanks. He's likely to win this battle seeing as how making those little labels does require more time and effort than I have.

I think our wedding invitations are in at the post office and we just have to pick them up. The flowers have been paid for and will be delivered the Thursday before the wedding and the cake decorations will be shipped two weeks before.

The rest of what's on our list that still needs to be done is the following:
  • marriage license
  • pick up wedding bands
  • final fitting for dress
  • schedule hair and makeup appointment
  • find flower girl basket
  • final meeting with reception restaurant/caterer
  • order plush German Shepherd for other ring bearer
Surely there are a few more things that I can't think of now but I'd say we are in pretty decent shape for the most part.

I'll keep you posted of developments, of course. ;)


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