Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wonderful White

Looking through photos of weddings it always seemed to me like colorful bridal bouquets were the norm. Seemed like most brides had a punch of color that usually matched their bridesmaid dresses. My bouquet will be all white calla lilies, so I was thrilled to see a whole section on white flowers in the recent issue of InStyle Weddings. But on the same page it said "About 85 percent of brides ask for white bouquets." Really??? 85%? Wow...white and green are a lot more common then I thought, and you sure can't tell that by all the wedding magazines, blogs, pictures, etc. Here are a few of the beautiful bouquets for inspiration.

All floral designs from Mark Held

^ Tying bouquets with ribbon is the norm now, but I LOVE the organic, modern, and simplistic feel of the calla lilies tied with a thinner stem.

^Glamelia's use to be very popular in the 40's-50's and in many countries they are still synonymous with "bridal bouquet." Now they seem to be making a comeback and Katherine Heigl from Grey's Anatomy carried one in her recent wedding. If you are like me you are asking yourself "what the heck is a glamelia?" Basically it is individual petals or blooms (usually rose or gladiola petals) wired together to form one large blossom.

For more white bouquets check out this season's InStyle Weddings.
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