Monday, January 07, 2008

Or this is another idea...

Hello everyone, I am sorry for the lapse in writing, I just got back from Florida yesterday, after having the worst flight ever, including 1 cancelled flight, 1 delayed flight and 1 flight that ended in an emergency landing causing FI , Doggy and I to spend the night in a random airport...I am finally back in DC! I never realized how much I missed it!

Not being at work for 2 weeks has caused a pile of work taller than the Washington monument to accumulate on my desk, so I have to make this short and sweet :)

Talking about sweet my MOH sent me a picture of a wedding cake she saw featured on CNN and I just had to share with my fellow brides to be..this is one way to go...

^ This bride made her wedding cake an exact replica of herself! Although this is not the way I would go, the cake is a pretty good replica!

Here is the Link for the story, there are better pictures, but I was having trouble uploading them.


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