Thursday, February 07, 2008

Little gifts for our little "ladies-in-waiting"

We've gone a little crazy with the attendant gifts for my nieces. This is certainly foreshadowing for how much restraint I will have to practice come time for our baby to be born and we're buying out the wazoo.

Remember the little McD Madame Alexander's that I got for them? Here's a close-up of them to refresh your memory...

I found these great little felted bags at AC Moore. They came in all of these beautiful bright colors and then there was the option of getting little appliques in various designs to personalize them. I picked a dog and a cat - of course because of OUR dog and cat:

The appliques had these adhesive circles on the back to attach them but I found that they were insufficient for attachment purposes and ended up hot gluing them instead. They are pretty well secured on there now.

I wrapped the dolls in tissue paper before putting them in the bags.

I think the girls are really going to like them. I mean, what little girls DON'T like dolls??? *besides me when I was their age*


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