Monday, February 18, 2008

Sneaky peeks

It's crazy to look at pictures of myself (from just a week ago!) since I'm so used to being behind the camera!! We're still waiting for pictures from our professional photographers but here are some that my dad took for us...

These were my unofficial maidens of honor (less one - boo!) at the Welcome dinner (in lieu of a rehearsal dinner) the night before the wedding at Dave & Buster's. Every single one of them came in from out-of-state! We had such a great time kicking back and just relaxing before The Big Day.

My dad snuck in between the photographers and snagged this! See Hubby's Converse peeking out from under my dress??? He actually wore them just for me!!! He wanted to wear the dress shoes and I expected him to not wear the Converse and it make me so excited when I walked down the aisle and saw him wearing the Converse instead!!! While we were taking our vows he whispered to me that he did it just for me. *awwww* I got myself a KEEPER! The umbrella was a gift from our photographers (Balance Weddings). I've become good friends with them and I had mentioned that I wanted to use Chinese parasols in the pictures. They were the ONLY ONES who remembered me mentioning this and had it overnighted from NYC after they searched all over the net for it! It's actually a special one because it has to do with weddings!!! They are so great. I can't wait until I have the baby and can go back to working with them over the summer.

I'd been really worried that I would look like "the pregnant bride" in my dress but I think my dress did a great job at not emphasizing my "baby bump." See the bustle? That's Mrs. Nearlywed's handywork because the seamstress told me that the dress couldn't be bustled. A word of advice from Mrs. Nearlywed - "Not getting a bustle is one of the BIGGEST mistakes that bride's make!" Now I know! And good thing she was there to help me out!!!

I think it'll probably be at least a month until I get the pictures from our professional photographers but this holds me over at least a little while longer. I love seeing our wedding from other people's perspectives!


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