Friday, February 08, 2008

The sun'll come out... TOMORROW!!!

Today is my last official day of being Miss Bowie!!! That's because tomorrow I'm getting M-A-R-R-I-E-D and will be joining the ranks of zillions of those who go by Mrs!

I can't deny it, it really is very exciting. This is even with me being one of those ridiculous types who enjoys the anticipation of much awaited things like Christmas so much that she's not against the idea of postponing it because (to her) waiting for it can seemingly be more fun than when it actually gets here.

*and I'll stop talking in third person right now, okay?*

I've been checking the weather everyday for the past three and so far it's looking really good...

Just so you all are "in the know," my 29th birthday is next Monday and it's notorious for bringing a snowstorm with it. It's seriously happened so often in my life that to this point I expect it. My mom even mentioned it yesterday!!! The Big Day will happen no matter what though - Snow or NO. Why? Because, I'm used to it by now and have no problem adapting and just rolling with the punches.

The good news is that Weather.com (see above) is predicting some pretty great weather! I certainly couldn't have dreamed of such conditions. Granted the forecast has gone from Great (sunny with a 20% chance of rain) to not so good (Partly cloudy with a 40% chance or rain) to fairly predictable (Snow and showers possible) but who is paying attention to any of that anyway right?

Today, the last day before the wedding, is filled with a myriad of last minute items that include the following:
  • Starting (yeah - don't ask) and finishing the pew garlands and bows
  • Picking up someone at the airport
  • Going to D&B for the "Welcome Dinner" with all of the guests coming in from out of town

I'm sure other things will pop up on me as the day goes through - as it happened yesterday (no biggie, no sweat) but I must say, even with "inclement" weather tomorrow, so far so good!


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