Monday, March 10, 2008

About Me

Sorry, I dived right in there without introducing myself! I grew up mostly in Stone Mountain, GA, though we bounced around a bit. I was born in MD and lived there for some years. My father and family still live there, so I frequently visit the area. I did my schooling in New Orleans, where I met FH. We recently moved to the Atlanta area after finishing grad school. FH is from Gulfport, MS. I'm glad to be back here, and near family.

The Engagement...
FH proposed on New Year's Eve 2007, so it's been less than 3 months. We've been together for 5 happy years. I spent the holidays with my mother's side of the family and rushed back to ATL to be with FH for New Year's celebration...whatever that may have been. We had no particular plans, just wanted to be together. His parents were in town as well, so I was happy that I'd get to see them before they headed back home.

FH told me to dress up and get swanky for our night out, which was also my Christmas present. When we got about a mile away from our exit, he told me to close my eyes until we reached our destination. When we pulled in front of the Civic Center he placed 2 tickets in my lap and told me to open my eyes. I was thrilled to see it was a concert featuring two of my favorite artists, Chaka Khan and Frankie Beverly and Maze! I kissed and hugged him. He knows what I enjoy. We danced and sang through about an hour and a half of the concert. When Chaka Khan began singing "Sweet Thang" I was all smiles and trying my best to carry a tune along with her. I'd never heard it live, it was wonderful to feel the music. What a night! In between my terrible duet with Chaka, I felt a ring being slipped on my finger. I could not believe it, I know my mouth was wide open. Then, tears and laughter and more tears. He was telling me what I meant to him and how he couldn't wait to marry me. I heard some of it, I know I missed a lot of it, though---I was just too excited. I even missed the question! He informed me later, and I screamed yes! I was touched to find out he asked both of my parents for their blessing individually (they're divorced).

The concert as a surprise was the perfect distraction! I am elated to be marrying my best friend.

Just like me, I dove into wedding plans not long after. I've learned a lot so far, and I'm still learning. So far, we have our reception site, band and DJ. The date is March 29, 2009. Picking the reception site was definitely mind-rattling, so I'm glad to be over that hump. The standard phrase for every location that proved to be out of our budget was "reduce your guest list". Much easier said than done. The 200 we expect is already trimmed of excess. Why? FH's mother has 14 living siblings with children, and some grandchildren. So, we can't exclude them. Luckily, the future in-laws are contributing a nice amount to the budget. Our colors are Apple green, balck, and white. However, I'm having trouble finding reasonably priced BM dresses in apple green. I told my MOH it may have to be black with apple green scheme bouquets. She didn't seem thrilled about that at first, but I showed her some black dresses that had cute cuts, and she seemed to like the idea better. I'm totally open to her finding something else, though. I want them all to pick their own styles, just want it to be from the same store.

We're still deciding on the ceremony location, but it's leaning toward a church ceremony. It's a pretty sanctuary and everything is already there (audio equipment, seating, etc.). Less of a headache. I'm shopping for a photographer now. I'd like to do our engagement session and get those save-the-dates out soon.

Glad to be here:)


Blogger X said...

I'm so excited to have another new nearlywed!!! Welcome!

Monday, March 10, 2008 4:11:00 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Welcome!!! And have fun planning your Big Day! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 8:31:00 PM  

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