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Getting the Word Out

Wedding websites are pretty much standard now and are an excellent way to get information out to your guests. One question I see a lot, though, is "how do I let people know about my website." Etiquette is evolving and it's generally considered acceptable to put the website on your save-the-dates but still frowned upon to put it on the actual invite (rsvp card or info card insert is o.k.).

I really wanted people to visit our website mainly because there's a lot of info on there and I wanted them to go there first instead of calling and asking me, so when we sent out our save-the-dates we included our website on Moo minicards, and threw them in the same envelope.

The original Moo cards allow you to put a picture on the front and a few lines of text on the back. You can put any image you want that isn't copyrighted...so you can put your engagement pics on there, or your dog's pic, or your "monogram" or "motif" or whatever it is you have going on with your wedding.

Fiance and I chose to forgo the usual picture Moo Minicards, and instead went for the new Moo Text Minicards. as pictured below.

^With the Moo Text Minicards you can put whatever text you want on the front and then six lines on the back of information. So we put our website address on the front and then said something like "for all the information you will need about our wedding please visit our website. Password: hitched".

^I did a little mock-up for you so you can see what it would look like. Of course you can change the font and colors to better suit your wedding. Apparently, Fiance and I have very common names so a website with our names in it was not an option unless we wrote out firstmiddlelastANDfirstmiddlelast.com and who the heck wants to remember that? So we decided to go with the date of our wedding instead. So for example, if you wedding was on the 9 of February 2009, you could have 09Feb09.com. thought it was a good alternative to our names and to other cheesy titles, and hopefully it will help our guests remember the date.

^Here is an example from Flickr of what the backs look like. You can put whatever you want. This couple did their entire save the date with Moo Cards!

The only word of warning I have is that Moo is based out of England so shipping can take a while. My package actually took longer then the ten days they said it would take (i think cause it was Christmas time?) and after going back and forth with customer service (rating: C. Some were SUPER helpful, others not so much so) they printed a new set for free and sent it by DSL. So basically a MONTH after I ordered them, I finally got them. Just give yourself plenty of ship time. And wouldn't you know it...I got my original order a few days after that...so now I have like 200 of these laying around! Yikes.
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Blogger Kim Vallee said...

I did not know about Moo Text Minicards but I still prefer the original. I ordered several times from Moo. My cards always arrived in Montreal within 5 to 7 days. But shipping problems can always happen - so better safe than sorry.

Your Moo cards for your wedding Web site can have several purposes depending on how you organize your Web site. You can make more than one sets, each set with its own URL.

For instance, your site can have a general section for information you may wish to share with vendors you contacted or acquaintances that would be not invited (and do not expect to be invited but are curious about your wedding, like your colleagues).

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