Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Going to the chapel and I'm gonna get ma-rrrr-ried...

We got our pro pictures!!! Cheer with me now - YAY!!!

Rissa and Nathaniel of Balance Weddings did an OUTSTANDING job. I'll even admit that I'm biased to their abilities as we've become quite good friends from working together. But still! I've gone through the pictures at least half a dozen times and I still can't believe that they are of my wedding. For whatever reason I've just felt like my wedding was kind of "small potatoes" compared to what most people might think of in terms of weddings. Looking at the pictures though makes me feel like it was all just... perfect? *shrug* I don't know. I have no clue. But just the same, it's just completely surreal looking at them. AND, I can't stop. :)

So here is the first installment of them. Without further ado...

My day started out with getting hair and makeup at 8AM and then skating off to the nail salon to be pampered with my unofficial maidens of honor with manicures and pedicures. We had a BLAST and it was the first time (and won't be the last!) I EVER got a pedicure. After the mini-spa treatment, I got myself to the church and hung around in the unofficial bridal suite (really the nursery) until everyone else arrived. Right before this picture was taken I actually blogged via my phone - did you read that entry? I'm crazy. Really I am.

The photographers showed up just as everyone else was getting there and helped me to get my dress out and hung up for some pretty shots of it and some of the other bridal details. I had started to hang it up myself and was standing on chairs and (of course) I got fussed at and people took over.

It wasn't long until my mom arrived and soon after my flowergirls, sister-in-laws, and friends showed up. It was really exciting to have everyone there all in one place - kind of overwhelming as I'm not used to being the center of such excitement but it was fun nonetheless.

Everyone was mostly dressed but there was plenty of final touchups that still needed done. Jewelry needed to be fastened, dresses needed to shimmied on, and people needed to ask me if I was "okay" since I'm pregnant and that's what people do when you're "with child."

I'm known for my procrastination and my wedding day was no exception as I waited until the last possible moment to not put on my dress. Luckily, Mrs. Nearlywed was there to keep my in line and on time. And LUCKILY I fit into my dress despite the huge Taco Bell lunch that I treated myself to...

*Phew* It only took two people to zip up my dress! It was truly a relief. And I'm as good as ready to strut my stuff down the aisle. But we'll save that for the next blog posting.

Images: Balance Photography
Location: Trinity Lutheran Church
My dress and veil: David's Bridal
Flower girl dresses: David's Bridal
Flowers: Proflowers Weddings


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