Thursday, March 20, 2008

Skylines from Favors You Keep

I was trying to find something completely unrelated (but also for the wedding) when I ran across the site Favors You Keep. They have the typical array of wedding favors but they also have a whole line of wedding things that you can customize with a city skyline.
I know you're thinking "yeah they probably just have New York City," but they have over 25 different cities...including some more obscure ones like Kansas City and Cleveland. And of course they have D.C. and Baltimore!

They also have about 25 colors to chose from, 30 different ink colors, and a number of fonts so you can really customize your Skyline items to fit your wedding.

^You can get favor bags and customize them with the D.C. skyline

^ Check out the above Save-the-Date with the Skyline of Baltimore

^ You can also do a magnet Save-The-Date (this one has the D.C. skyline)

^You can also get welcome bags made up to welcome your guests to your wedding city
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