Friday, March 14, 2008

It's really happening

For those of you who've followed the craziness that was my wedding planning, it's officially going to be aired on Whose Wedding Is It Anyway on April 8, 2008 at 10PM EST. You'll get to "meet" me, Mr. Bowie, my family, and see how Mrs. Nearlywed helped to pull it all together in the end to officially make me a Mrs.

Honestly? I'm quaking in my boots a little. We don't get to see the episode before it airs and though I know I didn't do or say anything too crazy or embarrassing, there's something about seeing and hearing yourself on camera that freaks me out a little - especially since I'm almost always BEHIND the camera. I think this is how it works for most people though as my brother sent me an email saying that he would seriously "lay down the law" *not his words and edited for blogging purposes* if they didn't edit the part out where he grabbed the microphone from the DJ and was singing "Greased Lightning." *shrug* Hey - if I'm "going down" in reality television embarrassment, at least I won't be alone! That's what family is for right? :)


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