Monday, March 03, 2008

Making It Legal - Dude.

Forgoing the traditional priest/preacher route and having a friend or family member preside over your ceremony has been a growing trend for some time now. I don't know all the legalities, but it usually involves some online ordination and authorization by your state government. So if you're going that route, why don't you go just one step further and have your officiant ordained in the "slowest growing religion" in the world? That's right- Dudeism.

A good friend turned me on to this growing faith and now you too can instantly be ordained as a Dudeist priest---complete with certificate! A mix between the tenants of Taoism and the philosophies espoused in the movie "The Big Lebowski," Dudeism is for the truly laid back at heart. My advice for you if you go this route is to go all the way, and you know what that means ---White Russians as your signature drink!

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