Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A month of being a Mrs.

Hello everyone! It's been just over a month since I was officially married off and I must say - life as a NEWLYwed vs. a nearlywed is definitely awesome and worth all of the work and wait that it took to get here. :)

We've not received our professional pictures back yet but I expect to get them either this week or next. Until then we've got some from friends and relatives...

This picture is actually of the interior of the church. My uncle took it! It looks photoshopped with the colors splashed over the cross at the altar but (if you can believe it) that's actually how it really looks with the sun shining in!!! There is stained glass that goes down either side of the cross and colors stream in over it. It's most beautiful in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon (when we had our ceremony). I'm so glad that my uncle was able to get this picture. :)

Here's another from my uncle. He snuck in and got this shot between the photography team and my dad. I changed the tone to sepia and it's my latest favorite of us so far. Mr. Bowie is shy about his "crooked" smile here but I think he's so handsome and it's one of my favorite expressions of his.

And finally - my husband... being his usual goofball self in his tuxedo. He stopped by his best man's house mid-morning before the ceremony. His best man - for reasons that I STILL cannot understand has a collection of decorative penguins. Doesn't Mr. Bowie totally fit in with them in his (literal) penguin suit?

And that's it's for us for now. Since we're both teachers, we're gearing up for Spring Break that will start this Friday and we'll have almost a full week and a half to just rest, relax, and go to doctor's appointments. *Oh the life of STILL being in a high risk pregnancy!!*

By the way, I was feeling all nostalgic, warm and fuzzy about being newly married the other night and I almost went and tried on my dress except that I can't. Why? Because I look like this now at 26 weeks:
Mrs. Nearlywed ESPECIALLY should appreciate this picture seeing as how we were both VERY worried about if I could squeeze into my dress a month ago. Imagine trying to do that now! So much for the nostalgia. *shrug*


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