Monday, April 21, 2008

Positions Available at holy matrimony

Well to say that the corridors of holy matrimony are bustling is really an understatement. I applaud all the brides out there that are diligent about hiring planners to assist in the execution of their most special day. The ideas that clients come to us with are mind blowing! We are really having a great time with this season's brides. But let me be the first to say, next year's bride's are going to be out of this WORLD!!! The ladies at holy matrimony are working hard with our out of town brides, our local, brides, ,our destination brides our Mother's of the Bride, their vendors, their venues..... You get the idea. We're swamped! We've added some positions and if anyone is interested in applying head on over to the holy matrimony site and read the job descriptions and apply. We would love to work with some of the talent out there and be an integral part in the shaping of someone's career. Warning! It's not bon bons and cake tastings all day. I am going to work your butt off!! But you'll enjoy it if you are cut out for the business. Keep an eye out for word on our workshop coming up next month. That will be a lot of fun and a great help for those of your looking to get into the industry and get some face time with local wedding professionals.

Just a couple of requests: PLEASE DON'T CALL WITH QUESTIONS, send them to the email address specified on the website.
Be original, we already know that "Event/Wedding planning is my passion....." WOW US!


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