Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Wine Please...

We are reaching our 5 month mark---It seems like most of the "Big" decisions have been dealt with---Now We are left with the hundreds of small decisions...the many DIY projects ( our gocco came yesterday!) and realizing how much is involved with planning a wedding!
I'm sorry if I sound drained , but btw weddings/family/moving/Work/life FI and I have something almost every single weekend until our wedding, just looking at our calendar is enough for me to want to crawl into a cave and hide for the next 5 months :)

However, FI pulled me out of that stupor this morning, when he announced that we had a wine tasting next Friday. My immediate response was "we don't have time" at which he informed me that it was wedding related! FI had found a place for us to taste wine for our wedding bar! Ahh alcohol, how could I have forgotten you! Although FI and I are big fans of two buck chuck, we knew we wanted something a "tad" more classy for the wedding. Since a "free" champagne toast comes with our catering costs, we just have to focus on the wine/liquor/ and beer. Liquor and Beer are pretty easy, we have a good calculator of how much we need, erring on the side of more than less ( better be safe than sorry!) but when it came to wine FI and I weren't sure exactly what we wanted. Now we have an apt for Friday at
The Curious Grape in Shirlington! Living very close to shirlington ( we are going there for dinner tonight!) I have seen this store before, but I must admit I have never ventured inside.

They carry 100 wines under $10 and 200 wines under $15--and they do offer discounts on bulk ( which I'm sure we will have)! They also have wine from all over the world! I am very excited for the tasting on Friday, I will definitely keep you informed! Oh I almost forgot to mention, they also would deliver to our reception site which would be perfect!


Blogger didi said...

another nice alternative to wine is prosecco. It's sparkling white wine from Italy, lighter then champagne, in fact I personally think its better. It also tends to be cheaper then champagne. hour....

Thursday, April 17, 2008 1:24:00 PM  

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