Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yummy Yummy Cake

So I haven't told you guys yet what i decided to do for the cake, FI and I went to a couple of cake tastings (FI favorite part :) )---but there was one place that stood out by FAR and that was Cakes by Carolyn . We met her at her lovely house where we had a tasting of some of the best cakes I have ever tasted! Although we sampled a variety of flavors and frosting-- FI and I decided we wanted a couple layers of coconut and sticking with our Spanish theme, we are going to have a layer of Dulce De leche--along with a vanilla and raspberry cream layer. Carolyn obviously showed her 30+ years of experience with her vast knowledge of everything wedding related. After seeing the styles of cakes she had and getting to know her, we knew that was our obvious choice. I have a strong belief that I want to like all of my vendors. I know that they are there for there talent, and that is obviously important, but I am a friendly open person and I really like getting to know my vendors, and being able to talk with them. I have been incredibly lucky so far to find vendors that are not only incredibly talented but that are also personable and friendly! Carolyn is designing our cake for us, based on designs I showed her, but here are a couple of cakes she has created in the past :

If you havn't found your cake person yet, I highly reccomend meeting with Carolyn!


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