Friday, May 16, 2008

But The Good News Is...

So I'm definitley down about my bridesmaid not being able to make it to the wedding, but it's not totally raining on my parade...remember last month when I posted about Monachetti video and how I said that if I could have anyone in the world do a video of my wedding it would be them?

Well...I caved...after going back and forth with myself and with fiance for what seemed like forever we decided to have Monachetti do our wedding. Man...never thought the word "video" and "our wedding" would be in the same sentence!

It's crazy, I know...completely impulsive...but I'm excited and can't wait to share with you guys what Monachetti creates for us!

And for some audiovisual stimulus, below are the two videos I posted last month (cause I'm obssesed) and two more!

^Amy and Casey

^Shannon and Matt

^Libby and Time

^Casey and Lance


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