Monday, May 05, 2008

I Take This Cyberpal to Be My Bridesmaid

The New York Times just ran a story on the development of friendships over the internet due to wedding planning. It mainly focuses on friendships formed on theKnot.com and it says that often these friendships fill "emotional gaps" when real life bridesmaids aren't quite as interested in all that wedding stuff like other brides are.

I can't say that I've developed any deep friendships over the internet because of wedding planning but I do feel like I "know" a lot of the bride bloggers out there and I'm interested to see how their days went and I'm genuinely happy for them when I see all their hard work pay off.

I can say that I've become closer to other friends/acquaintances in the last year who have been planning their weddings at the same time I have. It's a lot easier to go to these friends with concerns and questions b/c I know they will a) know what the heck I'm talking about and b) will probably really care. Not that my other friends don't care but the best advice I ever heard about wedding planning is "nobody cares about your wedding except you" and I generally try to take that approach when it comes to discussing the wedding with friends and family so I don't bore them all to tears.

Has anyone else developed a friendship or strengthened a friendship b/c of wedding planning or the internet? How about the opposite? Has anyone lost a friendship b/c of wedding planning?


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