Thursday, May 22, 2008


Our invitations are coming together! It is so exciting to see all the pieces fit together!

FI and I ordered our Main invitation from Paper-source, and I showed you the other day, so we are getting that letter pressed. We purchased the pocket folds from Paper Presentation as I blogged about earlier but they just came in the other day. The look great and the stardream silver is the perfect color!

We purchased the large sheets of Stardream Quartz from paper-source and had them cut down at Kinkos, along with our Stardream Mars Paper which we are using for the backing of the invitation. I love seeing the idea I had in my head starting to come to life.

I believe we even found the paper we want to line the envelopes, unfortunately the picture loading device is not working for me, it could be because I am posting at work? Tonight I will try to upload the pictures and show everyone!

Since we are using a pocket fold we need an A 7.5 Envelope--so we had to special order these. We had wanted to get them in the dark red, but Paper-Source only has them in so many colors so we ordered them in the Stardream Quartz. We are doing a trial of lining the envelopes tonight, so I will definitely take some pictures and share!

It is so exciting every day seeing different pieces of the project come together. Now FI and I are in the process of purchasing a printer, we are leaning towards an Epson, since we have heard rave reviews, but if anybody has any suggestions please let me know!

I will try to upload pictures later--I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow for one of my best friends Bachelorette party, but I will try to load them before I leave! Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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