Thursday, May 29, 2008

We are ALL TOPS!

Right now I am so loving Christine Tremoulet for being passionate about her craft. Some of you have heard me say it over and over INTENTIONALITY! Here is a quote from her:
Several weeks ago, I heard Guy Kawasaki speak here in Houston. He has nothing to do with weddings - but lots to do with marketing. (Matter of fact, he is mentioned several times in Harry Beckwith's "Selling the Invisible" book.) He has a site called alltop.com which has different "channels" for different topics.
I shamelessly begged that they create a wedding channel. I sent them a list full of URLs to include. It finally launched today!

I Love That! That's so what this business and even more so Life is all about, being Intentional about something..."Anything".

Enough for the Life Lesson the other great news is -we're on the site! Head on over and take a peek at a great list of fantastic wedding blogs.
As soon as you're done there PLEASE head over to view Christine's and be blown away by her photography... Talk about being Intentional!!!


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