Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting With The Program

So we are now t-minus 3 days away from the wedding and we're running around taking care of all the small details that you can really only do at the last minute.

Some of those details are programs, menus, escort & place cards, and menu cards. There was just one thing I was sure of when it came to these things : I wanted to have nothing to do with them. Yep, I'm sick of the small details.

Sure, I COULD do them and probably save some money, but I'm at the point in my life where my time is more valuable to me so I don't mind throwing out some cash. And I never want to think about font, color, or paper again. So where do I go when I'm looking for someone craftier then me? Etsy of course.

Specifically the shop of Etsy seller andbear. I was browsing for programs and found these programs pictured below in her shop

^ The programs are one long piece of 110 lbs. cardstock with info on the front and back. And they are only $1.25 each. Naturally andbear can design these to fit you wedding colors/design. I was also psyched b/c in the listing it said she could also do other items like menus!

So I contacted andbear, told her the info I wanted on the programs, showed her my invites, and below is what she came up with!

^Click to enlarge

^Here is the back with the order of the service. I didn't want a giant booklet with tons of thank-yous and explanations. Like most things I just wanted something simple.

^And here are our menus! You can enlarge to see what we'll be dining on.

Andbear also designed escort cards, place cards and table numbers based off of our invites. So for 35 programs, 70 menus, 70 escort cards, 70 place cards, and 9 table number cards I only paid $180 plus shipping! That small investment was well worth keeping my sanity!
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