Thursday, July 17, 2008

Making our own votives

This past weekend my wonderful parents and aunts came up to the D.C area to help FI and I finish up our invitations. I will post on those soon, I promise---but first I want to talk about our second DIY project, making our own votives.

I had read the posts by Mrs. Jasmine and Mrs. Emerald about creating your own votives, and knew right away I wanted this to be one of our projects.

I ordered 144 plain votive holders and 10 hour flame candles from QuickCandles for $80.

Than FI and I went to Paper-source to find paper that we wanted to wrap them with. As you know our colors are Silver/White/with Splashes of Red. So we thought we would wrap them with white or silver vellum. Since we couldn't decide we went with both White and Silver. I can't find the picture on Paper-Source, but you will see it on the finished project!

Once we had the supplies we waited until the family got there on Saturday, and put them straight to work! My Aunt Lisa started off by cutting out a template--she wrapped a normal piece of paper around a votive, traced that paper onto card stock, cut it out and wah-la a template. Thank she traced the template onto the sheets of vellum with a pencil and my mom and Aunt Cindy were put to work cutting it out!

^ Mama Alexandria hard at work

^ Aunt Cindy Alexandria cutting away--can't you tell they are sisters, same cutting style :)

^ Aunt Lisa Alexandria, taking the cut vellum and putting it onto the votive. She used a mixture of vellum tape/double sided tape.

^ The sisters hard at work--you can see the pile of pre-cut vellum sitting there--they had the assembly line down!

^ Close up of one of the final votives--this was the silver and white paper--we also have half of the votives with white vines.

^ A final box of votives--ready to go rest for two months until we pull them out and put them on our tables!

I love love LOVE the way they turned out, and it helped to show me that it is great to delegate projects. I am so thankful that I have my wonderful family to turn to, to help me. Just remember that YOU don't have to do everything, delegate tasks to family/friends who I'm sure are willing to help, and the job can get done just as beautifully!


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