Thursday, June 05, 2008

So Adorable!

I know I am super cheesy but I have been looking for a piece of jewelry that I can monogram with my dog's name on it. She is two years old and is the cutest thing ever! Obviously, I am a proud parent. But she represents more than just a cute dog...my fiance and I adopted her from a shelter about two years ago when we moved in together. She represents our budding relationship and a very big commitment! All of our friends joke that she is practice for our future children - nauseating, I know!

Anyway, I had been searching all the websites that specialize in monogrammed jewelry when I stumbled upon Alli's Originals. Alli posts her story on her own blog- she is a stay at home mom who hand makes original jewelry.

On this website, you can find the Princess Charming necklaces, which have all different shapes and styles to choose from. You choose the chain, the shapes and charms, and then the monogramming. The Classy Mommy website boasts that these necklaces are great to have your husband's and children's names monogrammed on the cute necklaces.

So after thinking for a while about how cheesy I really wanted to get, I went for it and ordered a necklace with three "darling discs" - one with a heart, one with my dog's name, and one with my fiance's name! I told my fiance about this necklace that will be coming in the mail and he almost died! It will probably stay under my shirt for a while but at least it will be close to my heart.


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