Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Binding It Up, Part II

This is my inspiration binder.  It's just a simple binder I got at OfficeMax (it's actually a "Euro notebook"--I'm not sure what that means other than it's prettier than the typical three ring binder).  I put in page dividers with sections for gowns, flowers, tables, invites, beauty, the cake, and the ceremony.  At the moment I'm just using wedding magazines like Martha Stewart and Instyle Weddings for inspiration.  It's been hard for me to put design and home magazines in context for my wedding, but I'm sure that will change once planning goes into high gear.  

Vane over at the fabulous blog Brooklyn Bride suggests that what you really need are two binders--one for inspiration and one for business cards, contracts, invoices, pictures, etc. Here's her notebook to keep administration and documentation all in one place.  For this you'll want business card holders, sheet protectors, and so forth.  

If you really want something beautiful that will keep you organized, this Russell + Hazel wedding  notebook has everything all together, sheet protectors in different sizes, extra wide section dividers, coordinating adhesive notes, the whole works.  It's like a Trapper Keeper for grownups.  They also have downloadable templates for things like guest lists, bridal salon appointments, day-of-wedding checklist--just about everything you can think of to keep yourself organized.  It's pricey, but very cool.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I download all those pdfs- so good.
I had too many magazine pics for a binder and so I bought a magazine scanner which has chnaged my life. I use it to scan all my papers- sooo amazing. I love my fuji scan.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008 8:23:00 PM  

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