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Hello again--I am sorry for the MIA--FI and I moved at the beginning of July, and we STILL do not have Internet at our new place ( keep the fingers crossed that we are getting it TODAY!)--However no Internet and no cable has helped FI and I be semi-productive with wedding planning--however the traveling and two weddings ( yes two ) that we have had in the past couple of weeks has deterred that a little bit.

My parents and Aunts are coming up this weekend to help us finish our DIY invitations, and some other DIY tasks---which I will have plenty to post about, and with just over 2 months to go, It is starting to get in full swing!

However, without any pictures available of DIY right now--I thought I would post about my current conundrum-- to Photo-booth or Not to Photo-Booth.

I have been playing with this idea since FI and I got engaged almost a year ago ( ahh where has the time gone--in just one short month I have been blogging a YEAR, enjoy the time girls, because it goes by SO fast)!! Anyways--and now that the wedding is inching closer, I still love the idea, I just don't know how plausible it is. I have contacted a couple of places in the DC area, so far the best bet seems to be

I contacted them and they currently have a Wedding Package which includes:

- Double Prints
- High resolution digital image files delivered on CD-ROM
- Best Guestbook Ever!
- Up to 4 hours service Unlimited photos for the duration of your event (color or B&W)
- Friendly & knowledgeable on-site technician
- Setup and breakdown of booth
- Free delivery Metro DC and Surrounding Counties
- Prop box
- 60 day password protected web hosting of photos on www.poshbooth.com (each event has a unique password

--The parts that appealed to me are the double prints and the online website, however the cost of all of this is still out of my price range ($1300). They do have other packages that start at $1100, and the ability to customize the print so that it would say our wedding date and names on it, is appealing. I am just unsure if we are able to make that financial commitment. We have talked about a DIY photo booth, but we are doing a "DIY Video Confessional" ( more on that later), so I don't want to "over-do it". What are your thoughts? Have you used a DC photo booth that is great, any recommendations? Let me know!

I will be posting on a LOT in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for DIY- Out of Town Bags/Programs/Invitations/Seating Cards/Table Numbers and much much more :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photobooth is such a great idea. One of my friends that's a photographer is getting married in a few months and she's getting 2 photographers and a photobooth...to cover everything! I think she's the most disappointed that she won't be able to take pictures too! I think the classic old photobooth setups are so neat at weddings!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008 11:52:00 AM  

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