Sunday, September 14, 2008

27 Dresses . . . No Not Really

Something about hitting the ripe old age of 25 has everyone tying the knot, getting hitched, jumping the broom, and a zillion other euphemisms for getting married. A week before my own 25th birthday, my then-BF/now-FI popped the question. (I'll talk more about that later.) I suppose this is because at this age, most are out of college and have completed or are completing their graduate/professional studies. At this age, many have a solid foothold in their career of choice, and are ready to solidify their personal relationships.

It just seems to be wedding season, at least within my network of friends, family, and sorority sisters. I am a bridesmaid in my sorority sister's wedding in two weeks. I am also the MOH in another linesister's wedding in May, a month after my own April nuptials. My recent weekends have been filled with the fun of bridal showers, bridesmaids luncheons, dress fittings, shoe fittings, makeup consultations, vendor visits, and the list goes on. I am completely honored to have a role in my closest friends' special days and I'm so excited to share in their joy. Both of these ladies are also in my wedding, as my Matron and Maid of Honor. I've been to two other weddings this summer, and look forward to having a role in my MOHs'/LSs' nuptials.

The great part about being involved in weddings as I plan my own is that I get to experience being a bridesmaid, and having that recent knowledge lets me know how to make my BMs' experience in my wedding wonderfully pleasant. At least, I hope that's how they feel when it's all said and done. I also get to witness how 3 brides can have 3 very different styles and personalities, yet it all comes together in equally beautiful events. My Matron of Honor is currently planning a fabulous church wedding and reception at the Ten Oaks Ballroom for over 300 guests, in fall-themed hues of orange and green. Her dress is traditionally appropriate, yet with some contemporary elements, that so suit her style: classic, yet fun and with a flavor all her own. My Maid of Honor is planning a city wedding at the exclusive Engineer's Club in Baltimore for a guest list that is just topping 200, with shades of pink and silver throughout. Her dress is more modern in shape, form-fitting, and with extensive detailing throughout, which so accurately reflect this bride's sassy/jazziness and brilliance.


My own wedding will have an outdoor ceremony, at Virginia Crossings Resort with the spring shades of butter yellow, accented by pink and platinum, and my dress will be more traditional than most would assume. Most days I can be found wearing a business suit and collared shirt. Yet, my wedding gown is a very princessy design, with not-too-much-but-just-enough detailing, and a long train. I love my dress and the next time I visit it at the boutique, I'll be sure to snap a few pics to share.

From having a very close view of these very different weddings in progress, I often marvel at how they are all equally beautiful, yet so distinctly unique. I would say to any nearlywed to choose and do what makes you happy, because the most lovely and meaningful wedding you can plan will be the one that is so perfectly and distinctly you.

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