Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dot Com

Mr. C-Ville and I have a goal to get the wedding website up by the time we send out our save-the-dates.  We have to, really: the save the dates have the website on them, and if we send our guests rushing to our website, it kinda has to be working.  We've pushed back the sendout date by a month or so--we'll probably send them out mid-October--so that gives us a few extra weeks to get everything taken care of.

Luckily, Mr. C-Ville is a talented web designer and he's actually doing all of the HTML coding for the website.  So much so that he'll call me up with incomprehensible things like "I managed to create popup columns in CSL, just to prove I could!"  That's terrific honey, I'm so proud of you, and I'm sure I'd be even prouder if I understood what you're saying.  I've seen the demo, though, and it looks pretty cool.  

We've been looking at the pre-prepared wedding websites for design ideas,  but most of them aren't very good.  They're sort of bland and they look like they were designed in 2002.  My favorites are the ones on Nearlyweds.com that have the clean, modern look we're going for.  Here's one of their samples:

It's contemporary and interesting, and you can get invitations to match.  

Frankly, though, we've drawn a lot of inspiration from non-wedding websites.  There's so much imaginative design out there.  For example, Geek and Mild has a beautiful, old-fashioned, rustic feel.  And Twitter--yes, Twitter--has a nice color scheme and a cute logo.  And Pixelgirl Presents has lovely artwork and designs which have given us lots of ideas. 

It's been fun visiting our favorite sites around the web and figuring out the design elements that work for us.  It's too bad there aren't more innovative pre-made wedding websites, though.  Maybe that could be a second career for Mr. C-Ville!


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