Friday, September 05, 2008

Sassy Shoes

Online shopping has always been something that I would only do for non-wearable purchases, like books and electronics. I've always made clothing and shoe purchases at physical store locations. This is for a few reasons:

  1. I don't like paying for shipping, especially if the item isn't already at a discounted price.

  2. If something doesn't fit, match, or just look good when I get it home, I want to be able to return or exchange without a problem or the expense of return shipping.

  3. I am an odd "smedium" size, and I almost always have to try things on to really be sure they fit. Generally, the best fit for me would be things like a "smedium" shirt or an 8 3/4 shoe.

For these reasons, I really went out on a limb when I decided to order my wedding shoes online. I've been looking for a very high-heeled (at least 3.75") wedding shoe. I had no idea how hard this task would be. Is there some unwritten rule that says wedding shoes must be lower than 3" in the block heel, and somewhat resemble the the first heels you ever wore when you were 12? Sure, you want a comfortable shoe, but does it really have to be the same one the flower girl is wearing? I'll get some comfort shoes as my backup pair, but I really wanted something elegant, but still a little sexy, especially for the garter retrieval portion of the evening. It may be a little paranoia on my part, but I just imagine that for that moment everyone will be looking right at my feet! So I sure better have on some great shoes! I have been looking at wedding shoes on the web and in stores for months, and just couldn't find THE shoe . . . . until Wednesday. I was on Zappos.com, and there they were:

I fell in love at first site! They actually have a 5" heel, but also a slight platform, so they really only feel like 4". I looked at Zappos because they have free shipping and a great return policy, which I just figure is insurance in case my purchase decision was just horribly wrong. The reviews all said that the shoes were surprisingly comfortable, so I ordered them. That evening, I received an email that my shoes were shipped. To thank me for my purchase, and since they had some flexibility, Zappos was upgrading my shipping at no charge. Instead of waiting 4 -6 business days, I got my shoes the very next day! They feel good, look great, and fit perfectly. FI likes them, too. I will definitely purchase from Zappos again. My first experience online shoe shopping was a great one. They had a very good selection of bridal shoes at reasonable prices.