Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding Weekend #1

This weekend, I will be in my sorority (line) sister's wedding. This is the first of 3 upcoming weddings I'm involved in. I'm getting married in April and my other linesister is getting married in May. This weekend, there are lots of wedding events, rehearsals, dinners, hair appointments, etc., and the actual wedding is on Sunday. It's normal to have such events on a wedding weekend. One thing that is a little unusual is that my linesister, Lady Hanover (I need something to call her) and her fiance are going to have their wedding featured on one of the country's favorite wedding shows. The rehearsal dinner tonight is at the clubhouse of my apartment complex in Elkridge, and I am a little nervous and just wanting things to run very smoothly for her throughout the whole weekend, so that it all looks super fabulous and fun on TV. The wedding ceremony will be at South Asian SDA Church in Silver Spring. The reception is at the Ten Oaks Ballroom in Clarksville, and in between, the bridal party will be taking pictures at Centennial Park in Howard County. Right now, the forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms on Sunday, but let's all pray the weatherman is wrong. I have no idea when the program will air, but I promise I will let everyone know, so you can see Lady Hanover and her hubby. I'll probably be floating around in the background somewhere, doing my BM duties and making sure my sister's day goes beautifully.

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