Saturday, September 27, 2008

What kind of Bride Are You?

According to Vera Wang on Weddings I am a Romanticist Bride:

The Romanticist is ruled by higher passions than the reality of the world around her. She considers life a marvelous adventure and revels in the opportunity to realize her deepest emotions. The Romanticist is transported by a dress. For her, fantasy is always a reality. Her innate femininity and love of beauty can inspire a gown of great fragility and enchantment.

• Delicate ruffles, billowing sleeves or a lavish, fully-bustled train are some of the extravagant details that epitomize a romantic wedding gown. • Whether it’s a tulle confection worthy of Degas or an ode to Scarlet O’Hara, the Romanticist refuses to shy away from anything pretty. • Her choice of attire never betrays her true nature. For her, looking girlish need not mean sacrificing style. • Femininity and flirtation are her preferred tools of seduction, and she embraces them equally.

There wasn't a quiz or anything to take on her website, but I definitely identify most with this description over any of the others - especially the parts I highlighted above. When I was looking for a dress for my wedding, I was choosing between two: one very sophisticated and romantic dress with English accordion lace and another with dramatic folds and pick-ups. I looooove pick-ups, but in the end, I went with something that I didn't think would overshadow me but complement me and represent my character well - also it was gorgeous. But more on the dress in a future post.

Miss Vera has many tips and suggestions on her website and I encourage everyone to check it out :)


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