Monday, December 08, 2008

10% off at One80 Salon

This summer, I visited One80 Salon on K Street for a free Phyto Deep Conditioning Treatment. They were doing a special because they were recently featured in Allure and wanted to celebrate. I reasoned that maintaining good hair should start as soon as possible if I wanted to have long, healthy, happy hair for all the pictures we would be taking to celebrate our engagement, our engagement session, any possible engagement parties, and of course, the wedding.

My hair is kinda coarse, which lends itself to being dry. It's also very thick - like each strand individually is thicker than some types of dental floss (or almost). Thus, I've always maintained a very strict hair regimen, but I thought it was worth it to try something new. That's when I discovered the Phyto line. Basically, the premise of these products is that normal hair products "moisturize" your hair on the outside by leaving silicates so that it feels smoother, never really remedying the problem, kinda like what makeup does your face. Phyto (pronounced fee-toh), however, moisturizes your hair from the inside, actually helping each strand to become healthier.

The reason I share my hair history with you is One80 Salon is offering $10 off Phyto Deep Conditioning treatments through the end of December! Reasons why you should:
  1. You've been meaning to try something different with your hair, but didn't know what.
  2. It's never too late to take good care of your hair (oooh, you can almost feel them massaging your scalp, can't you?)
  3. It's the holidays and you have a lot of holiday parties coming up and New Year's Even is just around the corner!




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