Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's being to look a lot like (a DC) Christmas

Cold and rainy! What more could a girl ask for!? Ah well, there are so many other ways other than the weather to feel holiday-ish.

One of my favorite Christmas things is sending out holiday cards. I have always loved receiving them and the first year I was out of college I got my act together and sent out hand-made cards along with a little typed up letter about what I was up too. I've kept up the tradition, usually buying the cards as soon as Target or Borders starts stocking them---so that's like Halloween now, right? And I always do my best to get my cards out by December 1.

So imagine my delight when Mr. Fairfax mentioned out the blue one day that since we're engaged and living together and all that we should really send a Christmas card together. YAY!

Since a number of my extended family members have either not met Mr. Fairfax or have only met him once (and vice versa) I thought sending a photo card would be an excellent idea. I selected some potential photos from our last ski trip (lots of snow, and also when we became engaged) and put together some mock-ups on different photo websites. Mr. Fairfax helped select the winning photo and card layout and came up with the holiday greeting. We ended up using Shutterfly because the prices were great and we found lots of coupon codes enabling us to purchase about 40 cards for less than $38 including shipping!

I now present to you, the first ever Fairfax family holiday card! Oops yes it's tiny, shockingly Shutterfly doesn't like you to steal pictures from their site ;) When did you first send a joint holiday greeting to friends and family? Peace Joy and Candy Canes to All!

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