Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bridesmaids Dresses: Part 4 of 5 (Hopefully)

As promised, here is the report from our visit to Hitched in Georgetown last week. (Don't forget about their Bridesmaids Dress Buying Party this Thursday!) Below are the stand-outs:
Callie by Thread: Elijah by Thread (not sure why it's a guy's name):
And Kiki by Thread. We also loved these dresses by Simple Silhouettes:
A-Line: def sans sash, but that's just me. I'm trying to go for the "not bridesmaid" look.
Empire: This was much cuter and very flattering on my friend.
There was also a strapped cocktail option that my friends both liked, but it's not online. These are more traditional and in the $250-$275 range.
Comparisons: My friends loved the quality and feel of the Threads dresses, but they're significantly more expensive -$350 oto $375. They also thought they were the most flattering, but they're not as fun and the colors are okay (bright-ish pink but with an orange "tinge" in the silk shantung) for what I'm looking for. Right now, I'm leaning towards the Melissa Sweets from my previous post, some Amsale dresses, and the Threads dresses, based on color, dress type, and price. The Threads dresses come in an awesome color they call "Popsickle." It's kinda bright, but lots of fun, however, not sure if all my girls will be 100% pleased about it, I'm guessing maybe 85%.
With so many choices, it's rather difficult to pick just a few! I had decided to give my girls options between at least 2 dresses, but it'll probably be around 3 as some have requested a dress that didn't require a strapless bra - oh for the "blessed" among us. Did you find it difficult to choose? What swayed you?

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