Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't Forget!

Don't forget about the upcoming postage increase on May 11, 2009! The price for regular ol' stamps will rise to 44 cents. If you're sending out your invitations soon and your response date is after May 11, be sure you've got the right amount of postage on your response envelopes.

Forever Stamps can be purchased NOW for the current postage rate of 42 cents and will be good...forever! Maybe it's not the prettiest stamp on the block (sorry Liberty Bell) but I know for me it would be worth the piece of mind to know I had the right amount of postage no matter what!

Even though our invitations don't go out until August, and we'll be free and clear of the increase rate, I plan to purchase enough Forever stamps before the increase to use on our response envelopes. Hey, it might only save me 3cents per envelope, but with 58 response envelopes, that's $11 I can spend on something else!

Have you thought about your postage situation? What's your plan?

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