Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kindly Save the Date!

We sent our Save the Dates out on April 1! Hooray!! After 15 months of being engaged, it was REALLY exciting to really DO something. I mean, yes, we've signed contracts, bought invitations, but this was the first big public announcement and part of our wedding that involved out guests. Hurrah!!

So I'm sure you're dying to see what it looks like, right?

So there it is! I worked with Rori Bean Graphic Design in Old Town, I blogged about them previously, to create the motif you see at the top. We'll use it in a few other places in the wedding too. I then created the full document you see above in Power Point. Then, I converted it into a pdf and uploaded it to Vista Print. I'll blog about using Vista Print in more detail later.

The main reason we sent a save the date is because our wedding is same weekend as the Marine Corps Marathon and I was worried the out-of-towners wouldn't be able to get a hotel room if we didn't give them heads up. We included both our wedding website and the gmail address we set up just for the wedding.

I originally wanted to send out the Save the Dates in Kraft Paper envelopes, but with the brown design and text on the STD being brown, I thought it might be too much brown. I picked out these bright red envelopes from Paper Source.

I made the labels using Word, the graphic is another design from Rori Bean. We opted to use the forever stamps since it was pretty much the same color scheme and hopefully saved a little money in the long run.

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Blogger Mikaiya said...

These look lovely! I love them with the bright colored envelopes.

My fiance and I just ordered our save-the-dates from VistaPrint as well- we're just doing postcards (so, free plus shipping!). We're getting married two weeks later in Alexandria, and it's a bit reassuring to know we're about on-target with timing. Although we're not competing with the MCM for rooms, my half of the family are all coming from out of town and I want to make sure they have time to get cheap flights...


Friday, April 17, 2009 9:13:00 AM  

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