Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pretty pretty pearls

I bought myself my wedding gift that's supposed to be from Mr. GP. Whoops?

Really though, you see, it was just too good of a deal to pass up! I was in Boston a few weeks ago, as I aforementioned, to do wedding stuff with Mama GP, my Sister (MOH) and three other bridesmaids and I was exchanging a shirt in the Copley Mall JCrew that I had bought the night before for a different color (that they didn't have at the Cambridgeside JCrew) and strolled on into Iridesse. I love Iridesse, Mr. GP bought me my first strand of pearls ever from the store in Tyson's for our first Valentine's Day in 2007. I especially love that Iridesse was founded by Tiffanys! Talk about classic style.

It just so happened that the Iridesse store in Copley was going out of business and the entire store was...get this....50% off. On top of that, the first item was an additional 10% off, the second 15% off and the third 20% off. I got three items.

I texted back and forth with Mr. GP making sure it was okay that I bought the items, as I knew he wanted to buy me pearls for my wedding gift. But the deal! The deal was so incredible!

So I found a triple strand necklace, a triple strand bracelet, and hanging earrings. The total cost for the three? Roughly $220 with taxes. Originally priced the three items would have been over $500!! The necklace alone was $250 originally!

The necklace I got is similar to this, but an exact image could not be found...

The clasp is a bit smaller, originally priced at $250 I paid $112 for it (again, not the exact necklace is shown).

[Bracelet, Iridesse $150]

[Earrings, Iridesse $85]

Take 50% off those prices and you've got some pretty amazing deals! There may be time to check out the Iridesse located at Tysons II. Rumor has it all the stores are going out of business, however the website doesn't indicate anything about the brand itself going out of business. I recommend checking out the Tysons II location for some great, great deals!

How did you find your wedding day jewelry? What are you wearing??

[Addendum] as of Sunday (my 26th birthday) there is now less than 5 months till we tie the knot!!!

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Blogger Mrs. K said...

I love how you bought your own gift!! I need to hint mine to my fiancee. I did find great hair pins though. I actually have a great giveaway going on:

Check it out for your wedding day hair.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 7:06:00 PM  

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