Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hello, Hello--I've got lots to share!

Hello Everyone! I apologize for my hiatus. You know it's getting bad when one of your girlfriends (and readers) calls you out for your lack of posting! I owe you a number of pictures and posts as I've done quite a few things in the last few weeks including sending Save the Dates and getting our invitations!

The particular friend who called me out is going to a "Lady Usher," if you will, in our wedding. While we have a small wedding party, we knew there were certain people that we wanted to a) have a special role on the day and b) that we simply knew we needed to have there with us and c) were in need of their help! I've written before about asking for help and how difficult it can be sometimes, but how one is often surprised how willing others are to come to your assistance.

While there are many items out there, and unique ideas for asking someone to participate in the bridal party, there isn't much about asking the other helpers (or to steal a term from a Practical Wedding, the "Wedding Elves") to be part of the wedding. When I asked my lady usher, I started out by saying, "No matter how I say this it will come out wrong, but..." I didn't want her to feel as though I were asking her to "work the wedding," and I couldn't come up with a good "title" (I've been informed that "Greeter" is the technical term for "Lady Usher," but it sounds like they expect you to mind the guest book all night. No bueno.), I just know that I will need and want this particular friend around that day. I have been asked to fill this particular role in one wedding (actually the only wedding I've been part of!) and I know I felt very special and was really pleased thought of me and that I was able to assist the bride!

Mr. Fairfax also has a few buds that will be filling special and somewhat made up roles, such as The Master of Lawn Games (who has already informed us he will be purchasing a top hat for the occasion), Master of Booze (he'll be minding the wine & beer till the caterer takes over) and an usher or two. We'll also ask two friends/family members to give readings during our ceremony. And we have a wonderful friend who has stepped up to provide some amazing classical guitar accompaniment to our ceremony!

Everyone has been incredibly giving and sweet in agreeing to help us! We hope they understand that we couldn't do it with out them, and really appreciate them! And they don't even have to buy matching outfits ;)

How did you ask the special wedding elves/helpers?

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