Friday, April 03, 2009

So Which Dresses are We Actually Getting?

Obviously you were all up last night wondering WHICH dresses the Fairfax bridesmaids will be wearing. The last post was such a cliffhanger I know! I knew from the beginning that I as most comfortable picking the company, fabric and color, and letting each person select the style she was most comfortable in. We're all built a little different, all have different styles and comfort levels, so I thought each woman would be most at ease in a dress she selected herself. It did briefly cross my mind to say, just get a brown dress! but a fellow bride advised against this. She tried to do it for her wedding (black bridesmaid dresses) and it ended up being more complicated than it seemed. They went with dresses from David's in the end and it was beautiful!

Have to protect their superhero identities! It was the height of summer down south and the black looked very elegant with the light green and yellow flowers.

I just e-mailed the order form to all the ladies this week. I'll be collecting them back in about a months time and we'll see what everyone decided on!

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