Sunday, June 28, 2009

he popped the question!

The last year Mr. UVA and I lived in DC, I was working as an Instructional Assistant in special education classrooms during the day and nannying in the evenings. Some nights I would come home and collapse on the floor with exhaustion. This night was no exception. I think I got home around 9 or 9:30 and Mr. UVA had kindly waited to eat dinner until I got home (he had also kindly cooked dinner – lucky me!). I was not a pleasant lady that evening. I had baby food caked onto the front of my shirt and the rest of my appearance was less than stellar. After a rushed dinner, I had to catch up on emails I had been avoiding for the past couple of weeks and was fully focused on the laptop in front of me. Mr. UVA sweetly said, “I love you” in my ear to which I rudely responded “I know” and continued with the task at hand. Unfortunately I missed the rest of the message Mr. UVA had prepared (i.e. the proposal) and only turned around in time to see him wrestling under the couch cushion for my engagement ring. He was on his knees by the time I realized what was happening. Crying and shaking my head no, (in disbelief that I had just missed the proposal) I asked him to repeat the whole thing.

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